Nightline Photography
                                "Specializing in the Artistic and Romantic Beauty of Nature and Women"

As a true romantic I see the beauty of a woman from deep inside.  If you truly admire her, you see her 24 hours, everyday and 
at her best and at her worst, and you feel the inter warmth from her soul.  From some Women this radiates to those around them, 
and with others it nestles inside and is only felt by those who take the time to have the patients to look for it and bring it out.  
That is part of my job.

Color and light are all part of what we capture in photos.  Daylight and artificially created light, both are what make 
the images we see.

Sometimes the requests for photo images are unusual and sometimes even seem more than a little strange.  My job 
as a photographer is to capture the idea, the feeling, the dream and use the photo to convey some of that to others. 

Thank you for taking the time to see what I am about and viewing some of my photos.  And hopefully getting a feel 
for my work and how I view Women and the beauty of their souls.  I believe there is more to nudity, sex, and women 
than just smut images.  It all depends on how you look at things and your true perspective and how you portray it.    
...................... Sincerely,   Rex - Nightline Photography


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