Nightline Photography
Specializing in the Artistic and Romantic Beauty of Nature and Women"

It takes nature a hundred years to make such a beautiful tree as this.  And to see such a Truly beautiful woman is a treat for the eyes.
                 Both are things I appreciate and fine beautiful and amazing and need to be captured in Photos and preserved.


 . . . . . . . . . . . The Photographer and one of his Models.
As a professional photographer I work with many models, each one individual, each one special.  
                                                          As well as working with live models I enjoy old buildings, creeks, and especially weathered trees.

 . . . . Click on the images above and below to enlarge . . . . . .


Warning: I swear that I am 18 years of age and am not a PRUDE of natural beauty in nature involving trees, flowers and plants, buildings, 
inanimate objects, humans and animals and insects whether living or dead, whether covered or dressed or naked as created by nature in all their beauty.  Please leave if you cannot see the romance and true beauty that nature has created for us in many things. 

Thank you for having an interest in my work.   If you have read the above and made a choice, please Continue here to see more of my work.
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